LORD'S - 'Roar booth'

Everyone thought the Bangladesh v England test match would be a walkover, so Lord's couldn't rely on just selling to tickets to English cricket fans. Therefore we had to engage the Bangladeshi fans instead. However we'd discovered from research that the London Bangladeshi community felt Lord's was unapproachable. So our way in was simple. If the Bangladeshis wouldn't come to Lord's, we'd take Lord's out to the Bangladeshis. To build excitement and tap into the Bangladeshis pride for their cricket team 'The Tigers', we took a Roar Booth out to Whitechapel, and encouraged the community to show their support by 'roaring' and cheering on the team. There was a prize involved for the best roar (as judged by the Tigers themselves) and videos of their roar were uploaded instantly to social media for sharing. The campaign helped sell 72,279 tickets (a 6:1 ROI), received high levels of coverage and was awarded a DMA Silver for effectiveness.

Case study video
At the event
Social media

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