This is premium global travel retail gifting experience for Johnnie Walker's Blue Label, their rarest blended Scotch whisky. As part of the Gentleman's Wager II 'gratitude will take you further' campaign, featuring Jude Law, this retail gifting experience is inspired by the original Johnnie Walker gifting mechanic - the humble whisky crate. The rectangular cuboid crate became the simple basis of modular design, brought inline with today's contemporary brand world of Johnnie Walker. As well as a premium spacial design that combined matt navy blue and illuminated blue glass finishes, we also introduced new gifting mechanics such as customisable wax seals and ribbon solutions, gift bags and personalised notes of gratitudes for the recipient, as introduced in the Gentleman Wager II film.

3D visual of GTME concourse space design showcasing HPP, till point and wall bay displays.
3D visuals of GTME pillar display designs
3D visualĀ of window display
Example of concourse implementation in Hong Kong
Example of concourse implementation in Hong Kong

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